Site 2 onion is a service by Stackpointer Solutions LLC a Saint Kitts and Nevis Company 
By using this service you understand that we:      
Do not track ip address and can and will not give out any user information to third parties   
This service is privacy friendly so we do not exchange any details of our users. 
With the exception of the clients that we have written permission to display on the mainpage

Refunds are possible if you contact support by emailing helpme at stackpointersolutions d0t net

we(Stackpointer Solutions LLC) host everything our self we do not outsource any data to third parties.  

Because we are not physically hosting the content of any a website that use this service we are not   
accepting DMCA or any type of takedown requests for any website or client.   
If you are representing a State, goverment or similar violent monopoly     
that want to send us take down requests or similar information we ask     
that you write to us at: legal at stackpointersolutions dot net    

We plan to have up to 5-15 minutes of downtime every second month due to security upgrades